All college watches are fitted with a screw down crown that must be unscrewed to set the time. The crown is the center knob on the right side of your watch. After setting the time, screw down the crown firmly. Never over tighten the crown as it will damage the gaskets inside.


Unscrew and pull up on the crown (the center knob on the side of your watch). The second hand will stop moving. Now, you can turn the crown forward or backward to your desired time setting. Afterwards, push the crown back down and screw firmly, careful not to overtighten, saving your time settings.


Please have the batteries replaced by a qualified watch technician as needed, and ensure that the proper size and quality of batteries are used for replacement. You must change batteries as soon as they die. Leaving dead batteries inside the watch may cause your college watch to become inoperable and will not be covered under the Limited Warranty.

Model Watch Battery LED Battery
40mm, 48mm and 55mm with three hands SR626SW x 1 CR2016 x 2


Your college watch is designed to be water resistant to a depth of 100 meters but it is not designed for sports diving. A watch’s water resistance is not a permanent guarantee. It may be affected by the aging of the gaskets or by an accidental shock to the watch.

In order to prevent water from entering the mechanism, never operate the buttons while the watch is submerged under water.


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