The College Watch Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (the “CSR”) defines the business and social issues that matter to our company and stakeholders.  Since the business was incorporated, we have made significant strides in building a foundation to invest in our communities and to build sustainable business operations throughout the world.  The College Watch Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kyboe U.S., Inc., which is a member of the Fair Labor Association (“FLA”).  As a member of FLA, we adhere to and support the highest standards of international and national labor laws. 
At The College Watch Company, we aim to leverage our expansive global network to promote business and philanthropic initiatives.  The College Watch Company is owned and operated by Marc Bell Capital, which has a history of supporting notable causes across the globe  The past 25 years of strong governance and corporate social responsibility across other Marc Bell Capital companies is reflected in The College Watch Company’s CSR as well. 
The College Watch Company looks to leverage its access to significant resources to positively impact the communities in which it serves and operates.  We collaborate with charities, industry organizations, and community members to address some of today’s most pressing issues.



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