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    South Carolina Gamecocks - Silver Edition

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    South Carolina Gamecocks - Silver Edition

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    South Carolina Gamecocks - Silver Edition

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    The University of South Carolina

    The University of South Carolina, located in Columbia, South Carolina, is a university dedicated to maintaining a standard of excellence in their academic program as well as their athletic program. Nicknamed the Fighting Gamecocks, their famous mascot Cocky is easily spotted at sports events due to his bright red-and-gold plumage as well as his attitude. The school’s traditional colors are garnet and black. The Gamecocks are a member of the Southeastern Conference. The football program has an intense rivalry with in-state Clemson University, although the two teams compete in different conferences. In recent years the Gamecocks football squad secured three back-to-back 11-win seasons. The team also finished several times in the AP’s top 10 in the last decade.

    Home football games are held at Williams Brice Stadium that can hold 80,250 fans. This is the 20th largest of the college football stadiums. The team’s entry into Williams Brice is among the most exciting entries in college football today. With the theme song from “2001-A Space Odyssey” building in the background, the song and the feverish screams of the fans erupt as the Gamecocks run onto the field.

    The Gamecocks women’s basketball team is the 2017 NCAA champions and has won the SEC Championship in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. The men’s basketball team most recently secured the 2017 NCAA East Regional Championship and made it to the Final Four in 2017, their first trip. The University of South Carolina men’s baseball team is considered one of the best teams in college baseball for decades, bringing home 2 National Championships, visiting the College World Series 11 times, and playing in 31 NCAA Tournaments.

    The Gamecocks also have proven to be highly competitive in Track and Field, and have sent numerous athletes from the Swimming and Diving teams to compete in recent Olympics. Coaches from the University of South Carolina have also served as members of the USA coaching staff for various sporst. Overall, the University of South Carolina Gamecocks enjoy a dedicated and loyal fan base, filling up stadiums and arenas during the year.


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