New York University Athletics

New York University is a prestigious academic institution location in New York City's Manhattan borough, but the school also has a highly competitive athletic program. There are a total of 23 different varsity sports teams at New York University, and they all compete as the NYU Violets. The team's nickname is derived from the school's primary colors of purple and white. These two colors are prominently worn on New York University merchandise on the school's campus and throughout the city of New York. While the NYU Violets regularly competes against the other seven teams in the University Athletic Association conference, their biggest rival are the Washington University Bears from St. Louis. They also have a heated rivalry with the Columbia Lions from the Ivy League.

New York University has been competing in sports since they founded a football team in 1873. The athletic teams at the school originally competed at the NCAA's Division I level, but they are now play in Division III. This is primarily due to New York University's inability to compete with larger schools that place a bigger emphasis on athletics. Prior to this move, the NYU Violets won a total of 37 national championships at the Division I level. The men's and women's fencing teams won 30 of these championships. New York University still has a dominant fencing team, but they have not won a national title since 1976. The other seven national titles were won by men's basketball and men's indoor track teams.

New York University has several sports teams that have enjoyed a lot of success in recent years. The men's and women's basketball teams are regularly one of the top teams in the UAA conference. The men's team came one game short of winning the national championship in 1994. They also returned to the NCAA Tournament in 2012 after a 14-year drought. The women's basketball team has enjoyed even more success than the men. They were able to take home the national title in 1997. The NYU Violets have enjoyed two other championships since their move to Division III. The men's cross country team was victorious in 2007. The school also won an individual wrestling title in 2017. The school is also looking to rebuild its prestigious baseball program that has produced several professional players after reestablishing the varsity team in 2014 after a 40-year absence.