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Georgetown University Overview

Sure, Georgetown University is an excellent school, ranked 20th in the nation by US News and World Report. The law school? Even better. 15th. But when you think Georgetown, first and foremost, you think basketball. Patrick Ewing. Alonzo Mourning. Dikembe Mutombo. No other school has the historical lineage in the paint that Georgetown University boasts. And now, with Ewing back as head coach, it has all come full circle. Guided by master motivator and intimidator coach John Thompson Jr., Ewing and company won the 1984 College Basketball Championship over Houston.

What exactly is a Hoya anyway? Legend has it that there was once a Georgetown basketball team known as the 'Stonewalls,' and an enterprising, linguistically inclined student combined Greek and Latin to nickname them 'Hoya Saxa'; literally, 'What Rocks.' You will not find a rock as the mascot. Despite being called the Hoyas, Jack the Bulldog has been the mascot since 1962. Ferocious rivalries defined the school's most dominant basketball years in the then-dominant Big East Conference in the 1980's. Syracuse was their main adversary, and many memorable wars took place at both Washington's Capital Centre and Rochester's Carrier Dome, not to mention during the Big East Championship Tournament at Madison Square Garden.

With the breakup of the Big East, Syracuse and other rivals such as Pitt left for the ACC. Villanova (who defeated Georgetown in the 1986 National Championship Game by a mere two points, 66-64, while shooting an utterly unconscious 78.6% from the field), Seton Hall, Providence, and St. John's remain from the conference's heyday, now joined by Xavier, Creighton, Depaul, Butler, and Marquette. With Ewing at the helm, Georgetown basketball is on their way back to national prominence. So wear your blue and gray proudly. Hoya Saxa!