Clemson University, South Carolina

Clemson University is one of the largest four-year colleges in the state of South Carolina. Although the school is routinely ranked as one of the best state colleges in the country, it is perhaps most famous for having a successful Division I football program. The football team has won the national title twice, in 1981 and 2016, and they have been Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) champions a total of 17 times. In addition, the team has won a number of bowl victories, including the 2014 and 2015 Orange Bowls and the 2016 Fiesta Bowl.

Clemson's mascot is the tiger, and the university's logo is a tiger paw. The Tiger mascot was first introduced in 1954 and is famous for doing pushups every time the football team scores during home games. Clemson's colors are a distinctive combination of orange, purple, and white. Their main intrastate rivals are the South Carolina Gamecocks from South Carolina University. The rivalry dates back to late 19th century, and the annual football game between the two is officially referred to as the Palmetto Bowl. Within the ACC, Clemson maintains fierce rivalries with Georgia Tech and Florida State.

The school has several other athletic teams that have obtained success on a national level. The men's soccer team won the Division I title in 1984 and 1987, and they frequently appear in NCAA and ACC tournaments. In 2016, the women's varsity soccer team won an ACC championship. Clemson's golf team has also won a number of national team and individual titles. Rugby is Clemson's biggest club sport. Other club sports include sailing, ultimate frisbee, and softball.